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The new addition to my home studio is the Circle gaming chair, and the model i’ve chosen is the CH80.

The chair is priced at Rs 24,990, but using the number provided in the description you can get the same for around Rs 19,500. There are also other models available so check out to see all the products they deal in.

So continuing on, let’s get this chair assembled, my son and i took on the task to put the chair together, and it was relatively easy, provided you read the manual and are on the right page. Assembly time is around 30 minutes.

The chair comes disassembled, and all necessary tools, screws, bolts are provided in the packaging. Also provided is an allen key, which is compatible with all the bolts, so no need to hunt around your house for tools. The two of us managed to put it together quite easily.

The chair looks stylish, and exudes a luxurious feel, with strong muscular lines embossed across the seat and the firm padding in the contact areas to support your body.

The neck support cushion and lumbar cushion provides great support, in addition to the molded backrest. Both are made of memory foam, which generally are great at retaining their shape, and this increases its longevity.

The entire back support encases a metal frame, making it quite sturdy, and provides great support. The backrest is a  fully molded foam, which means it is made from a single mold, not in pieces as present  in cheaper gaming chairs.

It can be tilted so you can optimise comfort as you like from 90 degrees all the way to 180 degrees.

This gaming chair is good for people who game, *cough* work long hours, a person can literally sleep on this. The chair is comfortable for sitting long hours on.

The main seating area is also made of foam, thats not too hard nor too soft. The feel is just right, and comfortable to sit on. Gaming chairs generally emulate the bucket seats available in racing cars, which give you the feeling of being enveloped from all sides.

The thigh support and also the shoulder area wrap around almost encasing you, providing more support than most chairs can.

The armrests are 4D armrests, allowing for movement in 4 directions. Up/down, front back, left right and also angle out at 45 degree steps.

The height is adjustable as in most chairs with a gas lift.

The softness of PVC leather feels feels quite premium.

The stitching decal and color really pops, and the carbon fibre finish looks really great.  The diamond shaped design also adds a luxurious flair to the gaming chair.

The embroidered circle logo is smack dab center on the top of the backrest, and the circle gaming branding are present on both the cushions. Also present on the back is a circle logo.

The 5 spoke base provides great balance and can carry upto 200 kilos. The 60mm wheels are quiet and roll pretty smoothly. The green on black accents just elevate the look of the chair, from the stitching to the accents in the wheel, this gaming chair just looks fantastic.


  1. The memory foam cushions are very comfortable, and will provide hours of comfort
  2. Adjustable armrests
  3. 180 degree tilt (i’m still frightened to do it, but it can go all the way flat)
  4. Fantastic build quality (frame and material)
  5. Bucket seats (This is more upto you, if you like the encased feel of bucket seats, then you can consider this one, else get a more open chair)
  6. Look and styling wise, circle gaming has hit it out of the park, the chair looks premium and looks like it’s built to last)

I’ve been using the chair for almost a month now, and i find working for long hours seated on it doesn’t cause the same back pains i used to get earlier. It’s quite supportive ,and you don’t even feel the time go by.

Make sure to check the description to get the number of Mr Yogesh Patil , who would be able to provide the chair at Rs 19,500, and this includes GST and also delivery. Make sure to say you found his number through ‘talkingstuff’, and happy gaming.

CH50 – 7500 Rs.
CH55 – 8900 Rs.
CH60 – 14500 Rs.
CH70 – 15000 Rs.
CH80 – 19500 Rs. [Chair in the video]
[Rates are all inclusive]

Contact –
Mr.Yogesh Patil : 98670 22225

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