talkingMoney E02: Income Tax Basics

Show date: 12 December 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan, Nimish Nerlekar Topic: We look at the financial news over the last 2 weeks and try to understand the basics of how Income Tax works

talkingTech E17: Picture Perfect ,

Show date: 4 Dec 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan Broken News: Netflix now lets you download movies – That free public WiFi now just got very very valuable Feature: Selecting the right camera Most high end phone cameras can match up to point-and-shoot cameras SLRs are far more powerful and capable – but only as good […]

talkingMoney E01: talkingInvestments

Show date: 20 November 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan, Nimish Nerlekar About: We discuss demonetisation and familiarise you with the basic investment options.

talkingTech E16: Goodies from Google

Show date: 20th November Hosts: Vikram Mohan, Vinayak Nair Broken News: OnePlus refreshes their phone mid-year with the OnePlus 3T WhatsApp video calling is here now Skype now allows people to use it without logging in or even signing up Feature: Mobile Wallet Wallets are ‘prepaid’ accounts with a set limit They are very convenient for […]

talkingTech E15: Appsolutely Apptacular

Show date: 13 November 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan Broken News Google rolling out net banking payment in Play Store for India. Android auto app now lets you use your phone from the car. But don’t. Blackberry launches another overpriced under powered phone. Surprised that nobody cares. Feature: Apps Affinity Photo for Windows (Free […]

talkingTech E14: Mere paas Pixel he

Show date: 6 Nov 2016 Hosts: Vikram and Vijay Broken News LastPass free tier now allows multiple devices Google starts shipping Google Home A hands-on with the Google Pixel Feature: 2-factor Authentication 2 factor authentication improves the security of your online accounts All major services like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter support some form of […]

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