Attention Pliss! podcast #5: Hang in there Ashu

Donate to the Kerala CM Relief Fund here.   This actually happened: A melancholy Ashutosh listens to the blues, and the Indian cricket team bounces back Feature: ISIS – The Rahul Gandhi version, and Mr. Gupta does science reporting whatSong? The answer to the previous episode’s song is Limited episodes of the podcast are available on […]

Attention Pliss! podcast #3&4 – Buy 1 Get 1 Free

In this mega episode to celebrate the RTDM blog’s birthday – we have a Q&A with Arnab as he answers all your questions. Of course, we have the whatSong? contest too. This actually happened! We bid farewell to AB Vajyapee and discuss Ashutosh’s farewell to AAP. whatSong? – Last week’s answer was – Feature: #AskArnab […]

Attention Pliss! podcast #2 – Your privilege is bigger

In this episode of Attention Pliss! podcast, Arnab looks at some news that caught his eye, Privilege and courage, and gives you some entertainment recommendations. This actually happened! Kejriwal goes ‘Ai ganpat chal daru la’ NDTV sting The ongoing test series IKEA opens in Hyderabad whatSong? contest The song from previous contest was Winner: GSR […]

Attention Pliss! podcast e1 – Black Hat Modi

In episode 1 of Attention Pliss! podcast, Arnab talks about how Modi and Shah hacked Google and Apple’s security in order to put in a phone number into your address book, the first test between India and England that (spoiler alert!) India lost, the NRC row in Assam, and ongoing coverage of the most burning […]

Attention Pliss! podcast – [episode zero: #TalkToWhoever]

Attention Pliss! podcast is the new podcast from  talkingStuff network. Join me, Vikram Mohan and noted author and blogger Arnab Ray aka GreatBong as he speaks his mind on politics, movies, sports, current affairs, and just about anything that caught his attention. We hope you enjoy this show and all we ask in return is […]

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