Attention Pliss! podcast e1 – Black Hat Modi

In episode 1 of Attention Pliss! podcast, Arnab talks about how Modi and Shah hacked Google and Apple’s security in order to put in a phone number into your address book, the first test between India and England that (spoiler alert!) India lost, the NRC row in Assam, and ongoing coverage of the most burning topic of the day – Priyanka Chopra bidding bye Bharat in every way possible.

We also have the whatSong? contest – listen for the brief clip for a 90s song, and tell us the song and movie, and you could win one of Arnab’s books. Send in your responses to or tweet to us at @talkingstuffnet.

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Vikram Mohan Author

A paid PPT hack at a large cubicle farm by day, Vikram is that guy in every group who people turn to when they need honest opinions on life and tech. Unfortunately they also get honest opinions on life, tech, and a whole lot more when they are turning the other direction, with their fingers in their ears and screaming 'nanananananana'. Yeah! The world needs more of him - he seems to think so.  He is on Twitter as @TheVikramMohan and blogs very infrequently at

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