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Join noted author and blogger Arnab Ray aka GreatBong as he speaks his mind on politics, movies, sports, current affairs, and just about anything that caught his attention.

Arnab talks about the Indian cricket team supporting the military, and the present and future of jobs.
1. Indian cricket team supporting Indian forces
2. Present and future of jobs: ~13:20


Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray aka GreatBong is the straight shooting, bollywood loving, politically incorrect founder of the cult of Gunda, and the author of several books including The Mine, Sultan of Delhi, Yatrik, Mahabharata Murders, and May I hebb your attention pliss!

Vikram Mohan

Producer and ‘frequent interrupter’ – Vikram is also the co-host of The talkingTech podcast.

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