Behind the scenes

Vinayak R Nair

(Author, Technocrat,Tinkerer)

Vinayak is a technology enthusiast born with a silver stylus in his mouth. At an age where kids his age were watching their favourite animated shows, Vinayak was busy creating his own 3D animations on his self-assembled 486DX with an S3-ViRGE graphics card. He started programming when he was 6, and hasn’t stopped since.

His tech

  • Phone – Galaxy S9+
  • Laptop – Asus ROG for video editing and gaming and Microsoft Surface Pro for serious work

You can reach him at, his personal website is

Find his book below:

The best gadget is not necessarily the most expensive. – Vinayak Nair


Vikram Mohan

Vikram (or Vik as he is called) can lose track of time when he is ‘busy’ with his phone or PC. His first computer was a Sinclair Spectrum with a whopping 48 Kilobytes of RAM (yep! that’s no mistake) and audio cassettes as storage devices. But his first PC – a 386DX powered PC with 2MB RAM running Windows 3.11 started an affair with technology that still runs hot. He is proud of the fact that his daughter can name all Android versions along with their ‘dessert names’.

His tech

  • Phone – Pixel 2
  • PC – IdeaPad Flex 4 with 7th Gen Core i5.

You can reach him at, @vixdomdotcom on twitter. His personal blog is