talkingStuff network

Who are we?


talking Stuff is India’s podcast network. Our mission is to bring you shows on topics that you really care about, presented in a way that appeals to you, and available when you want it and wherever.

To start with we bring you talking Tech – a weekly technology show for the person who isn’t a tech. enthusiast, someone who wants to know how the tech she has invested in can help her focus on what’s important – life.

We are working hard (okay, not really) to get you more shows on things that mainstream media (your TV shows, magazines, and even blogs) just don’t seem to cover.

In the meantime, please stay in touch with us – listen or watch to talking Tech and keep tabs on us on Facebook, Twitter, and right here.

You can drop us a line on talkingstuffnet(at) too, we promise to read your mail and memorize every vowel and consonant in it.


Cheers and let’s keep talking